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Italy and Tanzania

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Diplomatic Relations between Italy and Tanzania

Diplomatic relations between Italy and Tanzania date back to the mid-20th century when both countries gained independence from their respective colonial powers. Here, I summarize the key points of diplomatic relations between these two nations over the years:

Independence and Initial Cooperation (1961-1970):

Tanzania gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1961, while Italy had already achieved independence after World War II. During this period, both countries established official diplomatic relations.

Italy provided technical and economic assistance to the newly independent Tanzania, helping fund development projects and cooperating in areas such as agriculture and education.

Continued Cooperation (1970-1990):

During the 1970s and 1980s, relations between the two countries further solidified. Italy continued to provide economic and technical assistance to Tanzania, supporting projects in energy, agriculture, and healthcare.

Economic cooperation was strengthened through initiatives like the “Three-Year Economic Development Plan” in 1984, which promoted bilateral economic cooperation.

Political Changes and Recent Developments (1990s – Present):

In the 1990s, Tanzania underwent a series of political changes, including economic reforms and the transition to a multi-party system. These changes led to increased economic liberalization and new opportunities for foreign investment.

Italy remained one of Tanzania’s key trade and development partners. Trade between the two countries grew, and Italy invested in sectors such as tourism and agriculture.

Bilateral Cooperation and Recent Projects:

Cooperation between Italy and Tanzania has involved projects in various sectors, including health, education, environment, and agriculture.

Both countries have worked together on initiatives related to environmental conservation and sustainable development, especially in the Kilimanjaro region and surrounding areas.

Italy has also contributed to promoting tourism in Tanzania, encouraging investments in the tourism sector.

Overall, the relations between Italy and Tanzania have been characterized by stable cooperation over the years, with Italy playing a significant role in Tanzania’s economic and social development. These two countries continue to work together to address global and regional challenges, such as climate change and the promotion of peace and stability in East Africa.


March 1980 – President of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere, made an official visit to Italy.

October 1999 – Visit to Tanzania by the then Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Senator Rino Serri.

October 2002 – Visit by the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Senator Alfredo Mantica, who met with top officials of the country and signed an Agreement to cancel Tanzania’s bilateral debt worth approximately 140 million US dollars.

March 2003 – President Mkapa, in Italy to participate in the Forum on the harmonization of donor procedures in Rome, had an important meeting with President Ciampi.

May 2004 – The Representative for Africa of the Prime Minister, Hon. Alberto Michelini, made three visits to Tanzania, accompanied by large delegations of qualified Italian entrepreneurs.

September 2004 – Visit by the Minister of Finance of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Basil P. Mramba.

October 2006 – Visit by the Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, to participate in the “World Food Security” conference.

June 2007 – Visit by the President of Zanzibar, Dr. Amani Abeid Karume, to the Municipality of Pesaro, hosted by Mayor Prof. Luca Ceriscioli.

October 2007 – State Visit by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

May 2008 – Mission at the FAO of the President of Zanzibar, Dr. Amani Abeid Karume.

February – March 2009 – Mission to Tanzania by the Undersecretary for Economic Development, Hon. Adolfo Urso.

August 24, 2009 – As part of the participation in the Rimini meeting, which focused on knowledge as an event and paid special attention to Africa, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tanzania, Bernard Kamilius Membe. The excellent state of bilateral relations with Tanzania was confirmed, and collaboration in various sectors, including tourism, was discussed. It was also planned to organize a Country Presentation dedicated to Tanzania in Italy in the coming months to introduce Italian companies to the opportunities offered by this country.

September 2009 – The Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon. Margaret Sitta, visited Rome to participate in the “International Conference on Violence Against Women.”

March 2010 – A delegation from SACE visited Tanzania. The delegation was composed of Dr. Raul Ascari, Executive Director, Dr. Giorgio Traietti, and Dr. Michael Cerighton, Head of the SACE Regional Office in Johannesburg.

July 2010 – Visit to Italy by the Tanzanian Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Stephen Wassira, for the “Italy and Africa Partners in Business” event organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Simest.

November 2011 – Visit to Italy by the Tanzanian Minister of Justice, Hon. Celina O. Kombani, for the Fifth International Meeting of Justice Ministers organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio for the abolition of the death penalty.

July 2015 – Visit to Expo Milano by the Vice President of Zanzibar, Hon. Seif Sharif Hamad, on the occasion of the National Day of Tanzania.

October 2015 – Meeting between the Chief of Staff, General Mwamunyange, and the Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, General Danilo Errico.

October 2015 – Meeting with the Tanzanian Minister of Energy and Minerals, Hon. Sospeter Muhongo, during the Ministerial Conference on the energy sector “Italy-Africa working together for a sustainable energy future.”

May 2017 – Visit by Susan Kolimba, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation of Tanzania. Inauguration of the Country Presentation organized by ICE and meeting with Deputy Minister Giro. Updates on domestic and foreign policy and bilateral relations. Prospects for collaboration. The importance of maintaining peace, stability, and democracy in Tanzania.

October 2018 – Participation of Augustine Mahiga, Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, in the Second Italy-Africa Conference in Rome.

October 2023 – Participation of Kassim Majaliwa, Prime Minister, in the Business and Investment Forum between Italy and Tanzania in Milan.

October 2023 – Participation of Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa in Rome to represent President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan at the World Food Forum (WFF).


Convention between Italy and Tanzania to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion regarding income taxes.

Agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for the promotion and protection of investments.