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Local EU Statement

Local EU Statement on the rise in politically-related violence and intimidation in Tanzania the Delegation of the European Union issues the following statement in agreement with the Heads of Mission of the Member States of the European Union in Tanzania and supported by the High Commissioners and Ambassadors of Canada, Norway and Switzerland.
“We note with concern the recent developments which threaten democratic values and the rights of Tanzanians in a country which is widely respected in the world for its stability, peacefulness and freedoms.
“We are saddened by the tragic shooting last weekend of student Akwilina Akwilini Bafta whose death is mourned by the entire country. We welcome President Magufuli’s call for an immediate investigation. We also call for thorough inquiries into all the recent deaths of political and human rights activists. Our condolences go to all their families.
“We are worried by the rising number of reports of violence in the last months including: the attempt on the life of MP Tundu Lissu; the disappearance of people such as journalist Azory Gwanda; and the lethal assaults upon government representatives, the authorities and citizens which occurred in the Coast Region in the past two years.
“We join Tanzania’s people in calling upon those responsible, to safeguard the peace and security of democratic process, the country, its citizens and respect for the due process of law without impunity.”