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Trasparent administration


Trasparent administration


The diplomatic-consular offices abroad are peripheral branches of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which ensures data transparency through the section "transparent administration" of the website.
The sections of this page refer largely to the corresponding sections of the central Italian Foreign Affairs website.

Transparency and Merit

General provisions:
1. Program for Transparency and Integrity
2. General acts
3. Obligations to inform citizens and businesses

1. Political-administrative organs
2. Sanctions for failure of data provision
3. Articulation of offices
4. Telephone and e-mail

Consultants and collaborators

1. Main administrative positions
2. Managers
3. Organizational positions
4. Structure of posts
5. Fixed-term contract staff
6. Absence Rates
7. Appointments and employees authorizations
8. Collective bargaining
9. Supplementary bargaining
10. OIV

Competition Notices

1. Performance Plan
2. Reports on Performance
3. Amount of premiums
4. Premiums data
5. Welfare of the organization

Audited entities
1. Supervised public entities
2. Subsidiaries
3. Controlled private law entities
4. Graphic representation

Activities and processes
1. Administrative activities aggregated data
2. Types of proceeding
3. Monitoring of procedural time
4. Replacement declarations and acquisition of data office

1. Measures to address political organs
2. Management measures

Tenders and contracts

Notice of Tender 2021 with attachments
1. Previous art. 37
2. Previous art. 26 and 27

1. MAE Budget and balance
2. Indicators and expected financial results

Real estate and asset management
1. Real estate
2. Rents

Checks and administering surveys

Services provided
1. Services and quality standards
2. Accounted costs
3. Average timing of service delivery
4. Waiting lists (not under MAECI responsibility)

Administrative payments
1. Indicator of Payments Timeliness
2. IBAN and payment information

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