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Doing business in Tanzania


Doing business in Tanzania

News for Italian companies: introduction of new rules for requests for an appointment with the commercial sector of this Embassy of Italy in Dar es Salaam.
In order to request an appointment or information with the commercial sector of this Embassy, all Italian companies interested in operating in Tanzania or who are already established in the country are invited to visit the site of this office www.ambdaressalaam.esteri and click on the right side on "Assistance to Italian companies" logo Diplomazia Economica Italiana. You will open another page with a form that the applicant will have to fill out indicating summary information about his company or activities he intends to undertake in Tanzania (VAT number / Italian Tax Code) in addition to the reason for the appointment request.
For more information contact the Commercial Office

The economic and commercial section of the Embassy of Italy in Dar es Salaam is designed to facilitate, promote and protect the Italian economic and commercial interests in Tanzania. It offers the following services to businesses and Italians economic operators wishing to pursue business opportunities in Tanzania.
In carrying out its functions, the economic and commercial section works in synergy with the Office I.C.E. Addis Ababa, territorial jurisdiction for Tanzania.

Information about:

  • economic relations Italy-Tanzania
  • Inform the authorities and Italians business circles about the economy, the Tanzanian economy, the regulatory framework, on specific areas of interest for our country
  • economic data of Italy and Tanzania
  • Maintain contacts with ministerial offices, government agencies, State Companies, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations Tanzanians in economic and commercial matters
  • Develop trade relations between the two countries, encouraging meetings and contacts between professionals, in order to boost Italian exports
  • Inform traders / investors on existing insurance and financial instruments, able to promote partnership initiatives / direct investment / joint ventures
  • framework of company law
  • More fairs ialiane / Tanzanian
  • Current list of Italian companies operating in Tanzania
  • bilateral agreements
  • sectoral analysis
  • International competitions
  • WTO


  • Information and support to companies interested in operating in Tanzania
  • Delegations of Italian entrepreneurs in Tanzania
  • Facilitation in resolving trade disputes
  • Business information
  • Support to the Italian business man to Tanzania / Italy market
  • Provide operators with both Italian and Tanzanian information of their respective repertoires category included Office
  • Support for promotional events carried out by Italian companies in Tanzania
  • Report in a timely manner, through authorized channels, tendering processes and upcoming convocation in Tanzania
  • Facilitate the handling of visa applications business for Tanzanian traders wishing to travel in Italy, in accordance 'with the legislation in force
  • Coordination of relations between Italian and Tanzanian authorities
  • Promotion

 Made presentation of the events in Italy Partnership ICE - Embassy

An Operating Agreement MAE-MAP-ICE, signed in Rome March 24, 2004 by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Frattini with the Minister of Activities' Productive On. Antonio Marzano and the President of the National Institute for Foreign Trade Prof. Benjamin Quintieri, has established the framework for the practical and logistical integration of Embassies, Consulates and ICE offices, accredited by the authorities of foreign countries as "Sections for Trade Promotion" Embassies and Consulates themselves.

Product promotion and the "Made in Italy"
The economic and commercial section of the Embassy assisted in the realization of promotional initiatives, emphasizing the link with the promotional activities of the Office ICE


The economic and commercial section of the Embassy supports the interests of Italian firms with support actions and interventions with the Tanzanian authorities, in particular in relation to for competition of contracts, public procurement, market access, investment protection. The ICE Office and the economic and commercial section of the Embassy will inform each other about the care provided for the benefit of enterprises as well as on supporting actions and interventions with the local authorities, in compliance with the confidentiality requirements
Information for economic operators and networks
The economic and commercial section of the Embassy collects information about the opportunities arising from tendering procedures, privatization, from public works projects in the planning and transfer them to companies through the "Ex-Tender" system.
Communication and image of Italy
The economic and commercial section of the Embassy cooperate in the implementation of communication initiatives and the image of Italy, consistent with the guidelines of the respective reference Administrations, to transmit information in countries of accreditation on the economic, cultural and social dell ' Italy. These initiatives aim to create a framework favorable to the penetration of our businesses and maximize the positive image of Italy as a place in which to invest.
business visas
The Embassy, ​​directly or through its consular network, provides business visas to traders of Tanzania. The economic and commercial section of the Embassy cooperates for the granting of visas for business and the necessary checks and verifications, for those requests submitted by foreign business operators wishing to travel to Italy.



Mr. Riccardo Zucconi
Trade Commissioner
Italian Trade Agency
Addis Abeba Office
Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy
Embassy of Italy - Kebenà,
Addis Abeba - P.O. Box 1105

ICE Tanzania Desk

Dr.ssa Husna Tandika
Italian Trade Agency
Under Addis Abeba Office
Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy
Embassy of Italy – Dar es Salaam
Tel. +255 22 2113148 -
Mob. +255 759 413234
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