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In this section notices are posted on elections and travel benefits applied to them, as well as tenders for the allocation of social housing issued by the municipalities.

The Council of Ministers' decision of 10 February determined the holding of a referendum, for the date of April 17, for the repeal of paragraph 17, third sentence of Article 6 of the legislative decree of 3 April 2006, n. 152 (environmental standards), as substituted by paragraph of Article 239. 1 of the Law of 28 December 2015, n. 208 (provisions for annual and multi-annual budget of the state - law established '2016), change limited to the following words: "for the term of the useful life of the oil field, in compliance with safety standards and environmental safeguard" (law which provides that permits and concessions for exploration and drilling of hydrocarbon deposits have the "duration of the useful life of the field").

As it is known, in the absence of agreements between Tanzania and Italy in respect of conducting on-site voting by correspondence, citizens living in Tanzania and in the Comoro islands registered both in the AIRE and as "temporary residents" may exercise the right to vote in Italy taking advantage of the travel benefits associated with it (refund of 75% of the cost of air travel). This is possible only for Italian citizens