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Consular Albo


Consular Albo

Consular Albo
Law no. 69 (18 June 2009) recognizes the effect of legal disclosure only to the acts and administrative measures published by public bodies on their computer sites. In particular art. 32, paragraph 1 of the Law states that "as of January 1, 2010, the obligation to publish acts and administrative measures, with the effect of legal advertising, is deemed to be complied with the publication on the website of the obliged administrations and public bodies".
The following paragraph 5 of that Article. 32 says "from 1 January 2010 publications made on paper is not considered legal publicity". In this section it is possible to inspect the records relating to current practices at the Consular of the Italian Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

Notice of Surname and Name change

Legeant Costantini Saba Chiku

AIRE cancellation

Limiroli Andrea - Arusha / Fara Gera d'Adda (BG)

Laura Fassina - Dar es Salaam / Carignano (TO)

Invernizzi Paolo - Tanga / S. Giovanni Bianco (BG)

Comin Tomas - Zanzibar / Casale Monferrato (AL)

Sarto Natalina - Mwanza / Padua (PD)

Transferred from Dar es Salaam to Kampala

Ghirardi Annelise

Brink Dries

Brink Alessandro

Daniela Brink

MARRIAGE of publications


List of Trust Technicians

Click here to view the list of trusted technicians to implement Article. 84 of Presidential Decree October 5, 2010 n. 207.

Forms concerning the registration in the list of trusted technicians:

Membership application