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Tanzania new procedures for e-visa and e-permits



Tanzania new procedures for e-visa and e-permits

On the 26th November 2018, the Tanzanian Government has officially launched the “e-Immigration” program which provides the e-Visa and e-Permits emission and it unifies in a unique document the Residence and the Work Permits.
Therefore, it will be possible to apply, pay and obtain the e-Visa and e-Permits directly online.
New residence Permits will be divided into three classes (A, B, C) while the Visa will have seven categories:
• Ordinary (Tourists)
• Multiple Entry
• Transit
• Business
• Referral
• Student
• Diplomatic
During the next three months, it will be possible to request Visa and Permits by electronic means or through the classic channels with the goal of progressively moving to the unique electronic issuance by March 2019.
The e-Visa service appears to be already active and accessible at the following address while residence permits (e-Permit) service is not yet available online.
The visa procedure implies an online request, which will be reviewed and accepted or rejected after 48 hours. In the case of a positive result, a document containing a bar code to be presented at the point of entry of the country will be sent to the applicant (Visa Grant Notice).